Kodiak K22 Rider Floor Scrubber (20" Disk)

Kodiak K22 Rider Floor Scrubber (20" Disk)

$11,400 (USD)

Ixonia, WI

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Kodiak K22 Rider Floor Scrubber (20" Disk)

Up to 144,000 sqft/charge | 23 Gal recovery tank | Multiple upgrade options

The Kodiak K22 is Kodiak's newest rider floor scrubber model. The K22 offers industrial quality and high performance in a compact, rider floor scrubber. Choose from a 20" single disk model or a 26" dual disk model. Take our short quiz to find out.

The Kodiak K22 has the following upgrade options available:

K22-003 240ah WET Trojan / Onboard CE & CEC 27A

K22-004 150ah AGM USBattery / Onboard CE & CEC 12A

K22-005 240ah AGM USBattery / Onboard CE & CEC 27A

K22-006 90ah Lithium / Onboard CE & CEC 27A

K22-007 180ah Lithium / Onboard CE & CEC 27A K22-008 270ah Lithium / Onboard CE & CEC 27A

K22-040 Single Point Watering System w/ Indicator Light

K22-012 Disinfectant Spray Gun w/ Dedicated 2 gal Tank

K22-013 Spray Jet, 3gpm / 45psi

K22-022 ZerO3 Onboard Aqueous Ozone Package

K22-029 Spray Wand, 1.5gpm / 100psi

K22-016 Dual Headlights

K22-017 Strobe Light

K22-018 Blue Safety Light - Front & Rear Facing

K22-032 High-Performance Vac Motor

*Demo models available. Call (262) 333-0799 to set up an appointment or click "Get Quote" above with your information and a team member will reach out shortly.

Why Choose Kodiak Scrubbers?

Kodiak Cleaning Equipment specializes in durable equipment that will last for years to come. If you are tired of purchasing a new floor scrubber every year, you have come to the right place! We would love to get in contact with you and provide a complimentary Site Survey and Demonstration. Finally, a quality alternative to used, reconditioned, demoed, or cheap imported products that break and lack local support. Kodiak is assembled with American Labor and has parts and technical support 2nd to none. Comparable in price to mid-lower segment equipment, but not cheaply made. Reduced cost to build due to simplicity in design, leveraging excess production capacity, and brought to market with exhibiting resources.

Kodiak manufactures and designs its industrial equipment in the dairyland of Wisconsin, USA. Designing durable and effective equipment while keeping things simple, even for your budget. At Kodiak, we strive to receive your order and produce your custom piece of equipment in a matter of days so it can get to your facility quickly. We can successfully achieve quick deliveries by having massive sub-assemblies ready and by producing many of the components in-house. We care about delivering the right piece of equipment to fit the needs of your unique application, and we want you to have it for years. We don’t want you to call us back in a year and need a new one, we designed a machine that can be easily maintained while being durable enough for daily hardships while not breaking down on you.


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