When you are ready to invest in floor care equipment, you may be overwhelmed by all of the choices available. No need to worry! Here is a quick, helpful breakdown of the different types of floor care equipment available:

Sweepers – Floor sweepers are meant for dry sweeping. A floor sweeper is the quickest way to clear a floor of both large & small debris. A sweeper will get your floor “surface” clean, but does not “deep” clean like a scrubber. If your floor collects metal shavings, nuts/bolts, rocks, and any other hard objects, you would want to utilize an automatic floor sweeper.

Scrubbers – A floor scrubber wet scrubs the floor, providing a deep clean. They can be equipped with disk, or cylindrical brushes, depending on their environment. Floor scrubbers will be able to handle light dirt and dust, but pre-sweeping is recommended for large amounts of dirt and hard objects. If your floor scrubber is set-up with cylindrical brushes, it can handle some solid debris thanks to a collection tray located to the rear of the brush deck.

Combination sweeper/scrubbers –Sweep and scrub at the same time, in one pass. Sweeper/scrubbers are the most efficient way to clean floors that collect large amounts of solid debris and need deep cleaned regularly. Combo units may cost more, but provide more value than renting a separate sweeper and scrubber.

Once you know the type of floor care equipment you need, you will need to determine what model you need. There are ride-on, walk-behind, and even stand-on machines available. Send us a message or give us a call at Wisconsin Scrub & Sweep and we can provide you with a quote on a scrubber or sweeper that will be perfect for your facility.